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CategoryClass TitleAgendaCredits
InsuranceExtreme Clean Up- Handling a Hoarding Dilemma3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
Hoarding becomes an issue when an insurance claim is made and the Hoarder’s over accumulation affects the claim process. Not only does it affect the financial side of claims, but also the people interacting with the Hoarder and attempting to navigate through this relationship. It is important to be aware and prepared for both what to expect in this situation, and how to interact with a Hoarder.

SmokeSurviving A Disaster in Your Business3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
Surviving A Disaster In Your Business is a 3 hour presentation looking at what happens when a disaster occurs in a business and the importance of having a plan in place prior to the disaster event. The class provides instruction and hands on scenarios to assist insurance professionals in putting the right pieces together to create “the plan”. Participants will discuss and develop five key components of “the plan” including: accessing business threats and level of risk, determining what a Disaster Planning Team looks like, the importance of insurance in the plan, what does continuity look like for the business, and does “the plan” run.

WaterWater Damage Mitigation3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This course will demonstrate how water can damage carpet, wood floors and other building materials, how long until damage occurs and what steps can be taken to reduce or minimize the damage. The course will also illustrate water removal and explain the principles of drying and dehumidification. Mold growth, the use of antimicrobials and odor control will also be covered.

WaterMold Remediation Removal & Containment3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
Mold can be found almost anywhere and virtually grows on any organic substance, where moisture and oxygen are present. An overgrowth of mold potentially results in a mold-related claim for the insured claimants. It is imperative that insurance professionals have a general understanding of mold to address mold-related issues with the insured.

WaterMold Remediation3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This program introduces the science of mold and explores the potentially harmful effects of mold on building materials and occupants. Participants will learn how mold grows, how it spreads and what actions should be taken to remove mold in a safe and reasonable manner. Procedures such as containment, negative air and the proper use of personal protective equipment are also covered.

WaterTrauma & Bio-Hazard Losses4-Hour agenda4 C.E. Units
Trauma and Bio-Hazards can range from a simple cut to the discovery of an unexpected death. These losses involve Blood and other bodily fluids. Insurance professionals who mitigate these types of losses must understanding the full scope and extent of these situations while showing care and concern for the individuals involved and those who are associated with them.

In this lesson, you will explore how to approach this type of loss, how to extend safety and care to everyone involved, and how to recognize the differences in scope from a routine to a complex loss. Having the skills and knowledge to effectively deal with Trauma and Bio-Hazard losses will aid you in establishing safe, effective, and economical loss recovery.

SmokeSmoke and Odor Damage Mitigation3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
The course will show how acid gases flow throughout a home, the damage it causes and what should be done about it. This course will review the proper smoke mitigation steps which can reduce the loss.

SmokeMitigating Personal Property Packout Claims3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This course will demonstrate how technology is enabling the restoration professional to manage and track packout inventory, movement and restoration better than ever before, while giving the homeowner or business manager a sense of security about the process. The course will cover the new tools and technology of evaluating, restoring and tracking inventory from start to finish.

InsuranceETHICS: If You Don't Live it, You Don't Believe It3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This insurance company training program is designed to provide a practical look at ethical decision-making. Instead of relying on "gut feel," the process contained in this program takes the decision-maker through several filters which ensure that all parties affected by the decision will be considered

WaterSubrogation Reporting on Mitigation Claims3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This course is to help agents and adjusters control claims costs through subrogation investigation and reporting and to teach them the value of mitigation first responders in achieving this objective.

InsuranceInsurance Fraud3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This course focuses on the history, laws and statistics relating to the fraudulent insurance crimes that take place every day in America.

SmokeErrors and Omissions in the Insurance Industry3-Hour agenda3 C.E. Units
This course will look at E & O from multiple angles. Error & omission lawsuits can be one of the most frightening experiences for an insurance producer. With an ever-changing litigious society, the chances are increasing greatly.